About Us


Auction Bonanza is an online auction site and is also one of the world’s most fun and low-cost live shopping experiences. Auction Bonanza conducts live, online auctions, 24/7, where people can come together to buy and sell across the world, in a wide variety of auction rooms.

Auction Bonanza has implemented better business practices, less rules and considerably lower fees than most sites out there, so that sellers can actually make a living and buyers can enjoy their purchases.


Our Objective

Our main purpose is for our buyers and sellers to have fun, sell their wares and for buyers to shop ‘til you drop. We only ask a few things from consumers who visit our site and those things are important for our success, as well as the success of our sellers.

1.       If you are having after-purchase issues with a seller, please contact us ASAP!

2.       If you don’t want it, DON’T bid on it.

3.       If you bid on it, PAY for it. (You can’t bid on other items until you pay)

4.       Always be an honest seller/buyer. (DO NOT sell fake items as real items!)

5.       This is a worry-free site. Sell, buy, have fun.

6.       Our fees are low enough for the sellers to actually keep their profits. 10% commission across the board. In other words any items sold in your store front, our fee is 10% commission. Any sale make in the auction our fee is 10% of the winning hammered bid. Buy now 10% commission.  Nothing more, No listing fee, No scheduling fee, No shipping fee.


7.       If you ever have a question or concern, please go to the Contact Us and let us know what we can do for you. Other than that, have fun, enjoy the community of buyers and sellers and we hope you find a wonderful home here.

Our One and Only MUST

This site is a place where you can sell your items and where buyers can buy them. We are all adults and are responsible for handling our own business transactions. The only reasons you should contact us is if you are having 1, technical problems or 2, you feel you have been a victim of a fraudulent seller/buyer. Otherwise, please contact the buyer/seller and resolve any issues you may have.